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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Favre Fake Auto Saga continues - Takashimurakami is a Punk Bitch edition

See the Orginial Post: Fakin a Favre

Anyway, I "bought" the card for $188 or so.  Anyway, I sent an email asking 'What's going to happen when I submit this for authentication".

Today I got this email:

Hello. I know that you are iamjoecollector and i know what you're doing/whats going on. I've contacted ebay about this and they will be sending you an email/warning to your masterpieceshoard503 account. They have asked me to send you a mutual agreement to cancel transaction request and hopefully you will simply accept it and move on and don't bother me any further. If you leave negative feedback or continue to harrass me i am to call ebay back with the case number i have and they will remove any negative feedback left, and possibly hit you with another rules violation. You had a problem with my card, this was not the proper way to go about it. I have reported both your blog and twitter account to eBay and they have viewed the public record of you saying you were going to "bid up" and "win" the auction. That was not smart to post all of that on twitter. Accept the transaction cancellation request please, and do not ever bother me or contact me again. I have and will be watching you.

He is going to be "watching" me?  Apparently this dude is going to be sending the Ebay police after me.  Anyway, here is my response:

Dear takashimurakami,

You are a thief and a scammer. I hope they investigate this case. I posted everywhere so people would learn that you are nothing but thieing trash. I'm always curious how you jusitfy your scams to yourself. Do you think it's ok to sell fakes?

and then I followed with this:

Left the negative. Ball is in your court thief.

So if this jackass is reading my blog, I would like to offer you a heartfelt "Fuck You"

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Anonymous said...

Add in one for me too to that forging fake artist. I hope someone finds him when they realized he scammed them and takes it into their own hands.