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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Keep on Douchin'

So the sad saga of my attempt to buy a large collection and sell it has come to a conclusion....I think.  Here is the email chain:

On Jul 11, 2011 3:35 PM, joe monge wrote:

Hey Jeff,

I finally got around to resorting everything & getting it all put away and noticed that none of the Allen & Ginter SP's or Mini's are here. I double checked all 30 boxes, but they are just not here.

Just wanted to touch base with you & see what you wanted to do about them.


On Mon, 7/11/11, Jeff Dover wrote:

From: Jeff Dover
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "joe monge"
Date: Monday, July 11, 2011, 6:54 PM

All of them are there. In fact I put the mini blacks in penny sleeves as well as the nno's, snake, and various others. I don't even recall how many minis were there, but I assure you they were put back in.

The sps were probably scattered throughout I don't have any use for the ginter sp's as the only set I've built has been the 08 and I did that from the case I busted a couple years back. I took out all of the dividers you had just to make everything fit.

I kept every one of those cards separate from my own.

On Mon, 7/11/11, joe monge wrote:

From: joe monge
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "Jeff Dover"
Date: Monday, July 11, 2011, 8:05 PM

upon further review....

I did find all the black bordered Ginter mini's, but none of the 2006 or 2007 regular/ad backs mini's, none of the 2007 Countries or Emperors and no mini's or SP's at all from 2010. They simply are not here. Also, I have gone through EVERY box twice now, and I cannot find the blue & copper Mantle refractors that I am pretty sure you had up for auction on Ebay.

That's easily a few hundred dollars worth of cards that are unaccounted for. Could you please do a double check that they are sitting off to the side somewhere?
From: Jeff Dover
Subject: Re: Fw:
To: "joe monge"
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 12:08 AM


I don't know what to tell you. I don't have any of the cards you sent me. I packed them up into that box. As you can tell, the boxes were all there but one small one I couldn't fit in. That is why the graded cards were in a bag. I took out all of the dividers as I said, so the cards would all fit. I had a gold and blue Mantle refractor listed but those were put back in with everything else. I have no reason to keep any of the cards as they aren't anything I collect. Frankly, I don't know what to think about this situation. You weren't really on the up and up with this deal so I have a hard time with this revelation a few days later that you are now missing cards. You received them a few days ago.

Regardless, I am done with this situation. I feel like you attempted to take advantage of me to begin with and I get that same feeling now. If you weren't/aren't that's fine it doesn't make a difference. It's a lesson learned for me. Good luck.


On Jul 12, 2011 11:09 AM, joe monge wrote:

It's taken several days for me to go through them because I've had to work 60+ hours a week to be able to pay for a divorce, bills, etc on top of trying to be a father. Messing around with baseball cards was the last thing on my mind because I assumed that everything would actually be returned to me.

And I know you really dont give a damn about my problems. People like you rarely do, people who have money to burn and feel like they can take advantage of the little guys like me and bully us around. People like you who complain when the deal they make doesn't pan out to be everything they thought it would so they want their money back.

I hope you enjoy my cards that you kept. I hope you think about the food you took out of my daughters mouth every time you open a box of Masterpieces. I hope that every case you open makes you think about how hard I have to work to pay my bills because you feel that YOU got screwed. Your arrogance that you've made no mistakes in this interaction is insulting.


That's cool.  If righteous outrage and a weak ass guilt trip makes you feel better then so be it.  You knew you were sending me thousands of worthless cards and your lie about a box you put the wrong zip on...come on man.  Why did you think all those base bowman prospects would fly? 60 jamarcus russell heritage base?

I suppose you are one of those people that blames "the rich" for your problems.  You tried to hustle me that is why you wanted a cashier's check...no recourse.  Btw, I'm not rich.

I didn't keep your cards.  Ginter sp's...what $5 worth of cards?  The minis? I dont remember how many you sent. So 2 mantles, some ginter minis and some ginter sp's?  I've got some change in my cup holder that should cover that.

 Shit I've bought $1000 worth of minis in the last month at .20 each. Some more some less. Jesus joe, I bet there isn't even $1500 worth of cards there.  I spent $100 shipping that crap back to you and didn't bitch at all. I debated even wasting that but I promised I'd send them back so I did.



Anonymous said...

Scum of the hobby. Tries to pull one over on you, gets called out, takes cards back, tries to pull another one over on you, and proceeds to insult you over nothing you did wrong. Wow is really the only thing to say.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Is this the remnants of the shit-load of cards that you bought a couple of weeks ago?

stusigpi said...

Just over a month ago, but yes

Pop Startled said...

Jeff, post this guy's email address, or at the very least, email it to me. Ridiculous. He obviously doesn't have a valid argument or proof, and in fact is a hustler who, when he doesn't get his way, resorts to using emotional, illogical attacks.
First off, scumbag, it was your choice to have a kid, so you don't get credit for being a parent. Second, your financial commitments are your burden, so don't use it as a validation to try to screw someone out of money. Third, even if another person has more money than you, it does not give you access to try to hustle money out of them. Fourth, you're taking advantage of a person by advertising one thing and then delivering something else. It doesn't matter that you're tired, or you work hard, or you're broke, or you're a moron, you don't get a license to steal cause your life sucks.

Thanks for making the world suck just a bit more. Now we have one more reason not to buy shit off the internet.

I hate this guy. I hope you have cancer. I hope your ex-wife is happy to be rid of you.

stusigpi said...

Wow Pop, tell us how you really feel. I'm pissed off at the guy, but I knew this was going to happen. I actually considered filming myself packing up the cards for this reason.

- potch said...

Pop: Really? You hope he has cancer?

Motherscratcher said...

Jeff, I was actually on your side until I learned that he has a daughter who will now die of starvation due to your selfish actions. Are some Ginter Minis really worth the life of an innocent little girl?

God, why are you such a dick?

Pop Startled said...

I could list off a few other wishes that I thought about before using the cancer bit. Seriously, though, what a dickbag.

- potch said...

Pop: For real.