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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The latest from Takashimurakami

Oh this is rich:

You're a real gentleman. You sure know how to treat an innocent lady. I bought this card in a $3000+ autograph/game used deal, do you honestly think i somehow created this card and thats whats going on here ? I made up a 2/4 Favre auto ? You've now ruined my ebay account and slandered and cursed me up and down over a stupid card. You've made we want to totally get out of cards altogether. All i wanted was to be left alone, if UD or eBay had a problem with this card, i would have thought they would take it down. I got lots of different emails about the card, and just because you sent an email saying it was fake, i was'nt going to simply remove the listing. I think maybe reassess this entire situation. You've given me no benefit of the doubt. I buy and sell tons of cards at shows locally in Maryland. I did nothing wrong here. Now i can't even get my ebay final listing fees back on this item. Thanks alot.

and I respond:

You're welcome. I haven't slandered you at all. Are you still watching me? You tried to talk tough and got smacked down. By the way, you say you bought this card in a huge lot...How would you know that it was a "redemption replacement"? Second, the reason I know you are a scammer is that I have seen your past listings. I have suspected you for awhile. Additionally, you make the fatal scammer mistake, you make your listings private.

BTW, cut the crap with being a woman....I know better. Try picking a pic that is of a less attractive woman. BTW, I'm an expert in criminology.

and "she" responds:

You are a real conspiracy theorist aren't you ? I simply looked at other listings to find out the card is a "redemption replacement". There have been a bunch of these sold in the last couple months. Why all of this insecure tough talk of "smacking down" a woman, and why in the hell would i be a man ? You're a complete psycho. You really need to find better things to do with your time. I am so befuddled by this entire situation i'm going to stick to selling at local shows. If you ever come to Maryland and go to most any bigger show, i'll be set up there, you can meet me and my name is Rachel. Also ask about the asian chick Rachel to any other MD show dealers and they will vouch for me.


The Big Kahuna said...

Check.....AND MATE. BTW....maybe it's a he/she with all that name mixture? Considering UD even says it's a fake I cannot understand why she still plays dumb and innocent. "HURRY UP AND BUY", she says! The other sad part is Ebay will not do one damn thing about this either.

Jason said...

I live in Maryland, so I'll be sure to stay away from any Asian chicks named Rachel next time I'm at a show.