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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Masterpieces 1/1's

So sue me.  This is for Archival purposes only:

I have gotten many requests for differentiating the 2007 Masterpieces 1 of 1's 1/1

First the Jerseys:
There may be a Black 1/1 too.
The Auto:

The Green 1/1 is in the middle.

Now the Parallels:

Ionised on the Left, Urban Gray on the Right.  There is little sparkle to the urban gray.
Here is the same Jason Bay with different light

Here is a David Ortiz I have in my possession

The Red Linen and Bronze Ore designations are correct, the one on the left may be Ionised as the Pic looks to be too sparkly and bright to be the Urban Gray.

The Red Linen and Persian Blue are Correct.  In fact, this guy bought the Red Linen from me.  The "Artist Proof" is incorrectly designated by BGS.  I believe this card to be "urban gray" but I just can't tell because the colors are off. See the Jason Bay above. Beckett seems to think that Ionized is an /50.  It's not.

Celestial Blue

These are being presented as Celestial Blue and as you can see from the link below, the color does not match up at all.  In person, the Persian Blue cards are much darker.  Although the following link makes me think these might be Persian blue rather than Celestial.

I can't find a sample of Celestial blue that is anything like any of these:
Here are the paper samples:
Rusted Green Metallic


Blue Steel

Urban Gray

Bronze ORe

Hades:: Very Dark often referred to has Charcoal


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These are very nice collectibles.