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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Old BuyBack Scam - Goodbyeoldfriend

Take a look at this thread here.

This is the problem.  People that don't do their research before dropping this kind of cash on a card.  $150 isn't  a ton of money, but it is enough incentive for a scammer to do this.

Here is how the buyback scam works:

1. Pick a star card, any star base rookie card.
2. Look at any sample of player's auto.
3. Practice signing a piece of paper.
4. Practice signing on a couple of commons
5. Sign the card
6. Hand Number the card.
7. Create Ebay listing.
8. Collect money from suckers.

Extra Special Bonus Points: Use a run of the mill case and put a silver foil sticker to "seal" it.

Here is my view.  Unless you can verify 100% that the card is legit, don't bid.  Remember, compare to known authentic sigs like the rest of us.  Unless it right on.... Also, anyone can fake these.  Anyone can remove a sticker from a scrub and use it on the card.  Anyone can get a hologram and place it on the card.

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Spankee said...

I solve the problem by being too poor to buy anything worth faking.

I do appreciate that you keep pointing these out though. The scammers are just sad. To the casual collector they can be pretty persuasive, so it's good to keep the awareness up.