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Sunday, July 10, 2011

This weeks hauls

The Clemente and Morneau I pulled from that retail case I busted.  They are both /10.  The Clemente sold for $75 and the Morneau for $31.
These I got I got through ebay and through a reader:

The Dorsey is /50 and came from reader JD.  I needed it for my set so I am pretty stoked.  The Favre is Burgundy /25 and set me back almost $25.  Funny story about the arod /50.  There has been one on Sportsbuy for a while now for $20.  I finally signed up for an account so I can make offers.  Anyway, I didn't want to pay that for it so when one showed up on ebay I was thinking I might get it for $15 shipped.  No luck.  The other set collector that live 2 hours away from me scooped it up for $26 plus shipping.  I then made an offer on this one and got it for $17. I'm kind of getting to manic state on these cards because I am so close to the sets.  I need 27 burgundy /25 and 26 of the blue baseball /50 with Joba and Mattingly on the way.  Getting this close you tend to pay more than you normally would especially for the stars.  Though I just got a Matt Ryan Blue /50 for $7.50 shipped when two in the past couple of months have gone for nearly $20.  Also, the commons are still pretty cheap.  I normally get those for $5 ish shipped. 

I am headed to Vegas the first weekend of August but toward the end of the month I am going to do 5 or 6 07 Masterpieces cases to end the 07's once and for all.


the sewingmachineguy said...

What's Sportsbuy?

I'm Your Average Card Collector said...


MDbirdfan said...

I may have some masterpieces and A&G minis for you, just drop me an email.

stusigpi said...

Email sent. Sportsbuy is a beckett marketplace ish thing.