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Sunday, August 14, 2011

2007 Masterpieces Case Case 13 and 14 Parallels and Case 14 autos

Find the Jordan 1/1 Auction here.
Rusted /50  Case 14 had none of these

Blue Steel /50  The kick in the ass is that I had just bought a Ripken Blue Steel from Beardy.

 Hades /50
Pinot /75 Kick in the Ass II - I just bought the Jordan a few days before I pulled this one

Blue Linen /75

Black Linen /99

Serious Black /99  The Santana is actually Linen

More Serious Black /99

Man these autos were crappy.  The Cain is sold.  See an Auto you like?  Let me know.  Tell me how much you want to pay. None of the parallels are for sale.