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Friday, September 2, 2011

6 boxes 2008 Masterpieces Football

Nothing too exciting.  Note the collation of the parallels. Oh and that Jamal Lewis auto is a tough pull. Masterpieces football is a huge loser in terms of resale.  I probably wont even get $100 for the 6 autos the 12 jerseys, and sp's.  Factory cost on these was $56 or so.  These boxes are worth about $15-$20.  You cannot turn a profit on these.  I actually needed the Unitas for my Blue /50 set.

So here's the plan.  Case #16 of 2007 Masterpieces Baseball is at the Post Office. I'll pick it up tomorrow morning.  I am going to list the cards from cases 14, 15 and 16 on Sunday.  I am then going to order cases 17, 18, 19 and 20 on the 26th and that will wrap up my 2007 Masterpieces busting.  I currently need 29 for all 7 of the sets and I would imagine after the next 5 I will need about 12.  I currently have access to 3 of the ones I need.  I'm getting to the point where the odds should be in my favor in busting the cases.  Also many of the cards I already have are 4-5 deep on various sites.

The rest of the plan.  After I get cases 17-20 busted and sold off, I am going to start buying Football Masterpieces in box lots of 10.  Nice round number.  I'm going to continue to bust until I get down to 2-3 of the /50 blue and Metallic Green sets.  With 2008 Baseball.  I'm most likely not going to bust anymore of this because the odds and return are so bad.  You get 1 numbered parallel per hobby box and 1:2 boxes in retail.  I have no idea what's behind the increase in prices on 2008 Baseball.

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