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Friday, December 30, 2011

The State of the Blog - Monthly Group Breaks return...possibly

It's been a few months, but here I am.  Many of you have been following my Masterpieces Quest and as you can see from my want list in the post below, I have made significant headway. 

I busted 26 cases of 2007 Masterpieces Baseball and am currently 8 cards short of all 7 parallel sets. That's about $15,600 in wax and still not complete.  I sold off all of the cards except for the parallels.  I had some great pulls too.  A Jordan 1/1 parallel I sold for $500, the Lincecum 1/1 auto went for $700 ish.  I'd say I have $6k out of pocket after sales, fees etc.  I didn't have any issues with buyers at all.  My main problems were expired redemptions and horrid cases.  There were some cases that I probably got $200 out of, maybe.  The auto checklist is excellent but the sp's and ssp's make recovery difficult.  I will say it is the most fun I've had in a long time.

For 2008 Masterpieces Baseball, I am 10 cards short of the /50 set and a Eric Freakin Chavez short of the Green /75 set.  I have been stuck on that for months.  To give you an idea, THE Eric Chavez Collector had the rainbow with the exception of the green /75.  According to Beckett, it is a $2 card.  The /50 set has been coming along nicely although I do have competition.  Some guy spares no expense.  He paid $50 for the Ryan Braun that came up a few weeks ago.....

2008 Masterpieces Football has been interesting.  Still haven't seen a sanders or Tyree /75, but there has been a development.  Two days ago a guy was posting some parallels on ebay so I emailed him.  He said he had a few parallels and asked me what I would pay per card.  I sent him my list of what I would pay and here is what he had:

7 patch cards 21.00
74 red 74.00
67 blue /150  83.75
36 brown 54.00
32 green 64.00
22 blue /50 66.00
23 metellic /50 69.00
23 silver /pn 51.75
15 burgundy /25 60.00
10 blue /10 50.00
3 tw /50 15.00
1 tw /75 4.00

totals 612.50

Yeah, I paid the big bucks but I can't even get a case for that and I get 15 burgundy /25.  Here is the great thing, I have no idea which cards he actually has.  It will be like busting a vending box of parallels.  I do know one of the cards is a Swann/Sanders blue /50 time warp which I need.  I have also completed four sets of the /50 patches and am hot on the trail of a 5th set.  Will I ever stop collecting these....no.

Enough about Masterpieces.  One of the questions I keep getting is why I gave up blogging.  There are a few reasons.  I was/am so mad at Panini.  Their bullshit price fixing drives me insane and after criticizing them for it Panini stopped sending me review boxes.  There are plenty of other blogs out there that get Panini review boxes and many haven't met a Panini product they don't like.  I was accused of the same thing by a couple of people but I stand by my reviews and think they were fair. On to the price fixing, call it what you like, that is what it is.  $200 for a box of Gold Standard with possibly $40 worth of cards (quite often less)?  No thanks.  That is how all Panini products are these days.  Hell, even gridiron gear is $100 a box....ugh. Don't get me wrong, Topps leaves their share of floaters too. Marquee, Tier 1, Sterling, all just sticker dump money grabs.

So what's a Joe Collector to do?  Well I am going to look more at Non-sport and Leaf.  Leaf has been putting their money where there mouth is and putting out some great looking products.  Cryptozoic has been killing the Entertainment genre lately as well.

Secondly, I am going to bring back the monthly Baseball Group Breaks with a bit of a different structure if I have enough interest.  All of the crap teams are going to be taken out of the mix, but available if people want so let me know if you are interested.

So that's where I am at.  I've noticed the Masterpieces fake "buyback" and "redemption" auto scams have not been rearing their ugly head lately.  I'd like to think I had something to do with that, but not likely.


the sewingmachineguy said...

I enjoy following your Masterpieces exploits.
Hope to see more Joe C. posts.

Captain Canuck said...

good to hear from ya bud...