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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sometimes they don't - 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Green /75 Set Complete

It's all over but the shipping.  I started out to collecting the Masterpieces framed sets for many reasons.  Nobody else was really collecting them, they were cheap, there was nothing else to really collect and of course proof on concept or lack thereof.

I suppose player collectors have been around to some extent since the dawn of collecting cards but manufacturers encouraged set collecting to sell more packs.  There were always short prints, some intentional, some not and some just happened for various reasons.  Think the famous Nap Lojoie Goudey #106 for purposeful.  When we made it to the parallel era, the cards were produced to add value to a box, get people to bust more and to make the release more exciting.

Some of the parallels are just unnecessary from a set collecting perspective as it isn't possible to complete certain sets.  1/1, /5, /10 etc.  I always wondered what was possible with these sets so I gave them a try.

For 2007 Masterpieces Baseball you have 7 1/1 parallels, 3 /50, 2 /75, 2 /99, and 2 unnumbered.  For 2008 Masterpieces Baseball you have a 1/1 set, /5, /10, /25, /50, /75, /100, /125, unnumbered red (probably 275-300 sets), and black. For 2008 Football you have /10 blue, /25 burgundy, /50 green Metallic, /50 Blue, /75 green, /99 brown, /150 Blue,  and /199 Red and unnumbered Black.

What sets the Football sets apart is that the /25, /99, /150, /199 and Black are 86 cards and the others are 105 cards.  Almost a year ago I completed the Blue and the Brown but still had a few to go on the green.

In Fact, as of January 11, 2011 here is my wantlist:
Green /75 need 7 of 105
3 - David Tyree
5 - Barry Sanders
8 - Brett Favre
20 - Devin Hester
43 - Jim Brown
46 - Joe Montana
107 - Desean Jackson
The Favre, Hester Brown, Montana and Jackson all seemed to show up not long after that, but the Tyree/manning and Sanders were very elusive.  I always expected with the coming football seasons that the cards would show up in droves....No luck.  In December I bought that huge lot of cards unseen and sure enough there was a Sanders in there but no Tyree.  I don't recall seeing one listed ever.  I did find one in somebody's collection on Beckett but the person didn't respond to my repeated emails.  There also have been no mentions that any search engine could find.  No mention on Worthpoint, COMC, Sportlots, sportsbuy, et al.

Well yesterday during one of my 200 daily searches, one showed up. 24 hour auction.  I almost emailed the guy to buy it outright but figured there was no need.  Here we are just a day and and $6.69 later I have purchased:

I will say that it is quite a rush when you actually see the card you need listed.  Especially when you have been searching for 3 years.  Now to answer the question that many of you will be thinking.  How much did it cost me to put this set together?  Hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.  I always get a chuckle when some knuckle head declares that they are going to build one of these sets and then when I warn them of the time and expense, they scoff at me......


Greg Zakwin said...

Congrats on landing the Tyree!

stusigpi said...

Thanks, it was long overdue.

AdamE said...

Actually the question I was thinking was what was the high bid you entered when you finally saw the card?

stusigpi said...

Adam, that is a trade secret......let's just say it was more than $10.