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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A very new wrinkle in Fakes. Masterpieces Style

I tip my hat to those that are constantly try to find and report on fakes.  Gellman from SCU is one major player that tries to educate.

In doing my normal exhaustive search for Masterpieces I came upon this thread at Freedom Card Board.  Find it here and give these guys credit. <----Enough credit?  It was them that brought this to light.  I'm just going to show what they are talking about.

Ok so basically the question is whether this Frank Thomas is a real Patch/Auto:
The auction is here.  The seller is cheongyoon but may not know or have known it's a fake.  The answer is No it is not.  The auto is probably real, but the patch is not real at all, nor is the serial numbering.  What this card most likely is, is a jersey auto non serial numbered card that has been stamped and reframed.  Consider These:

and by the way, Ebay does not own the copyright on these pictures.  They may think they do, but they don't.They can't usurp the original owner's ownership of the photo if any. 
Note the Patch designation that does not appear on the other suspected as a fake. Now consider the jersey and jersey auto below:

Note the spacing between the name and the swatch.  It is bigger on the jersey auto.  Additionally, the back would not contain the authentication language. Also the frames are very easy to remove from one card and put on another.  People use these frames on custom cards all the time. So there you have it.  It could have been a replacement for a ruined patch card during the production process.  What say you?

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I'm Your Average Card Collector said...

Fake, I saw this the other day and immediately thought...what a great fake.