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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Joe Paterno Story thus far

I guess what bothers me most about the Joe Paterno story is the mob mentality that goes along with it. I see a complete lack of analysis and ability to reason. In my career I have seen this over and over again and I go between amused and annoyed. Rarely have I ever gotten mad about a topic, but this is one of them. I suppose what makes me the maddest about this is people that pretend to be reasoned and intelligent make conclusions and comments that are anything but and then accuse me of being the blind one. I've heard terms such as Kiddie toucher and pedophile thrown around in such a way that make it seem like Paterno was the one actually abusing the children. We all know that this is not true. The way that I view this is that people want to blame someone, try to find a way to prevent this again and thus blame everyone connected with it.

The same is true in the Aurora shootings with James Holmes. If you read as many articles as I do daily, there are those that want to ban guns etc, this will not change anything.  The only people that deserve blame in these situations are the offenders themselves. Perhaps in the Penn State situation there were others in the administration whose job, and legally, required them to report this Penn State horror to the police. Make no mistake, Sandusky should be imprisoned for life and those whose job it was to report to the police should be imprisoned as well.

People often refer to the Freeh report and such as proof, but the Freeh report is long on conclusions and short on supporting facts. This is a common mistake in analysis, remember I teach Criminal Law and have worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I could go on and on about the topic but I have found a very comptetent analysis of the situation already. Keep one thing in mind while reading these articles, are you trying to find excuses to blame Paterno, or anyone for that matter, or are you being objective. Now that some of you are very angry and frothing at the mouth, please read all 3 and point to specific facts when making your argument:




Again, please use facts in supporting your conclusions or you will be publicly mocked. True, Paterno could have done more but that is usually the case with hindsight.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Corporate Personality Profile

They pretty much nailed it. Jeff Dover Personality Profile