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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nailed it!

Attention Cynical Buddha, Please Report Immediately

So here's the deal, I need Robin Yount Blue /50 to complete the 2008 Masterpieces Baseball Blue /50 set.  I am pretty sure that Cynical Buddha has one.  His list on his Yount Collector Website lists the card as #45 (hades) but I digress.  I have found reference to 2 of these cards on the web, one on Worthpoint and one on his website.  I have been searching for this card for 3 1/2 years. In contrast I have found zero mention of the Eric Chavez Green /75 that I need. I have begged, barrowed, but never stolen to get this set.  I've searched endlessly for this card and cannot find another.

Here's what I would propose to Mr. Buddha.  I will pay handsomely for the card AND should one ever come available on Ebay, I will purchase said card (within reason) and send it to you for free.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Joy of a Completed Set 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Green /75

I actually completed this set back in January/February of this year but hadn't gotten around to scanning it.  It's a bit of an interesting story on a couple of aspects.  First, as many of you know the last card I needed was the David Tyree.  A common for the most part but, much like the Eric Chavez BB couterpart, exceedingly difficult to find for some reason.  I don't recall seeing one before this one popped up.  I suspect that there might be a case out there full of these things.  Same with the Barry Sanders, I've never actually seen a scan of another. Second, the Tyree came available during the Giants Superbowl run.  It really didn't get a whole lot of interest.  None the less, I haven't seen one since meaning that if there is a rare card you need and it pops up never, grab it while you can.

Without further ado (click on thumbnails):

Light Blue /50 need 3
2 - Adrian Peterson
79 - Scott Norwood
83 - Tom Brady

Green Metallic /50 need 3
10 - Brett Favre
78 - Jack Lambert
81 - Terrell Owens

Burgundy /25 13
5 - Barry Sanders
13 - Champ Bailey
15 - Dan Marino
19 - Desmond Howard
31 - Eli Manning
35 - Frank Reich
37 - Gale Sayers
39 - Herm Edwards
46 - Joe Montana
51 - Jordy Nelson
67 - Paul Hornung
73 - Lester Hayes
82 - Terry Bradshaw

2008 Masterpieces Baseball Color Parallel Want list
Green /75 119 of 120
67 - Eric Chavez

Blue /50 need 1
46 - Robin Yount

2007 wantlist Rusted /50 2
4 - Bill Mazaroski
10 - Cal Ripken