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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Well It's finally done

Yesterday while wasting time in the Burbank airport for a same day flight to and from LA I received an email from friend of Joe Collectors everywhere JP.  JP informed me that he had pulled the Robin Yount Blue /50 from some boxes at blowout that were purchased during black friday.  I about came out of my shoes.  The battery on my phone was dying so I started to look for a plug in.  Long story (coming) short we worked out a deal and Yount is on his way.  I will be doing full scans of the set when everything is in order.  I cannot tell you how excited I am for this.  It's silly really but yes I am excited.

I have a case of Masterpieces retail on the way that I got from Blowout....let's hope Chavez is hiding in there.

2008 Masterpieces Green 75
67 Eric Chavez

2008 Football
Light Blue /50 need 3
2 - Adrian Peterson
79 - Scott Norwood
83 - Tom Brady

Green Metallic /50 need 2
78 - Jack Lambert
81 - Terrell Owens

Burgundy /25 11
5 - Barry Sanders
13 - Champ Bailey
15 - Dan Marino
19 - Desmond Howard
31 - Eli Manning
37 - Gale Sayers
39 - Herm Edwards
46 - Joe Montana
51 - Jordy Nelson
67 - Paul Hornung
73 - Lester Hayes

2007 Baseball
Rusted /50 2
4 - Bill Mazaroski
10 - Cal Ripken

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Misleading Auction or No?

Here is the title:

DEREK JETER 2008 UD On Canvas Masterpieces Green Frame AUTO 1/1 card Yankees

Here is the auction here

What say you?