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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Misleading Auction or No?

Here is the title:

DEREK JETER 2008 UD On Canvas Masterpieces Green Frame AUTO 1/1 card Yankees

Here is the auction here

What say you? 


Chris Erickson said...

The title is misleading, he sort of covers himself in the comments by saying "may be" This is pretty common on Ebay sadly. No stamp 1/1 then it's not a 1/1

Robert said...

just trying to get people to look at his auction. there is no way that card is a 1/1

The Gooch said...

Misleading. But still a nice card.

Hackenbush said...

Yes misleading. I've challenged a few sellers on things like that. I've seen sellers use the word "rare" in a listing for a card when there are a dozen more for sale at the same time and a dozen more recently sold. It's a cheap and to me annoying marketing ploy. Every card is a 1/1 in some sense but like Chris said, "no stamp..."