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Monday, May 13, 2013

My Everest

The time that my blog has been dormant has coincided with a dormant time for my collection...sort of.

There just hasn't been a whole lot out there to add to my collection other than a card a every week or so.  One thing I have done is continue to buy Masterpieces patches. I am near 600 or so total, I am 1 Greg Olsen away from 5 complete sets, and a second Greg Olsen and Devin Hester away from 6 sets.

That; however, is not my goal necessarily.  My goal is to complete a serial numbered set.  I really don't know how close I am and I probably should do an excel spreadsheet to see where I'm at.  One thing I do know is that I do seem to have quite a few that are numbered 2/50 and earlier this evening I picked up this one in all of its single color glory:

Also while trolling around ebay I picked these up last night:
Ripken /25
Mmmm blurry
and this Bench /10

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Brad's Blog said...

I'd love to see all those relics scanned together!