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Thursday, May 9, 2013

One More Down

I know I haven't given an update on my Masterpieces sets lately but really there hasn't been anything to update on.  I picked up a Herm Edwards Burgundy a few weeks back.  I think that's been about it since I acquired the Robin Yount Blue /50 to complete that set.

Anyway, a week about I saw an AP Blue /50 posted.  There are 2 in the set, #2 and #75.  I found a mention of #2 a couple years ago.  It was in a badly named lot on ebay and I missed out on it.  Ugh.  The problem with this one is that it was posted by Big Boyd Sportscards.  I'm not going to accuse Big Boyd of shillin like Bob Dylan but a quick check of the Blowout Forums gives you an idea of what's up.  To his credit, he responds, but in my experience his cards go for 2-5x what other people get for them.  See Wolverine24 et al.  Yes, I watch these things and know what I'm in for.  Though I did get a Walter Payton Burgundy for $30 quite some time ago from the same seller.  Additionally, I saw a Brett Favre Metallic /50 go for $35, yet Big Boyd sold one for $15 at about the same time this AP ended.

So I set my sniper at $25 and viola...winner.

2008 Masterpieces Green 75

67 Eric Chavez
2008 Football

Light Blue /50 need 2
79 - Scott Norwood
83 - Tom Brady

Green Metallic /50 need 2
78 - Jack Lambert
81 - Terrell Owens

Burgundy /25 10
5 - Barry Sanders
13 - Champ Bailey
15 - Dan Marino
19 - Desmond Howard
31 - Eli Manning
37 - Gale Sayers 
46 - Joe Montana
51 - Jordy Nelson
67 - Paul Hornung
73 - Lester Hayes

2007 Baseball
Rusted /50 2
4 - Bill Mazaroski
10 - Cal Ripken

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