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Friday, May 3, 2013

Panini Silhouette Veteran Patch Autos

I just realized it has been 5 months or so since I blogged about anything.  Back in 2009 I always wondered what caused people to go months without blogging...quite frankly for me it's apathy, disinterest, with a side of disgust at times.

I've written before about cost to acquire and that nonsense but I'll reiterated what I mean.  Right now there are 5 or so rookies that are worth chasing in football.  Luck, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Trent Richardson, and Martin, maybe Tannehill.  Here's the problem, when trying to pull one...good luck.  2012 Topps Chrome boxes are over $100 and your chances of pulling one of the aforementioned rookie autos is 1-2 per case...maybe.  Thus, you might drop $1400 on a case and pull nada.  Sure busting the case is fun but let me tell you about that sinking feeling of being half way through the case and knowing you are $500 down at least.  My point being is that it costs a ton to try and pull one and even if you do you might still be way under water.  The big hit is priced into the box/case already.  Hence why I am apathetic.  The hobby is really expensive right now.  Plus even if you pull a big hit or acquire just one of those cards...what about next year?  That card price isn't going up.  Exception Kapernick. Example Newton, Tebow, Bradford.

Why am I disinterested? There are so many products out there that just keep coming and they are so expensive.  I rememeber back in 2006 realizing how many worthless commons I had that weren't worth anything and that I never looked at.  I had collector fatigue for sure. There's no product differentiation out there these days.  If I showed you a random Hockey patch/auto you'd probably have no clue what set or year it was from.  Why am I disgusted?  Because you can drop $140 on a box of cards and end up with $40 worth of cards.  Ouch.  The card companies know this and they don't care.

Anyway, even in these crappy collecting times there are some gems out there.  One of those is from no other than Panini.  Much like the 2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes set, the cards are different, the checklist is good and the prices don't seem to be too bad. Hell, even Luck goes for $175 or so.

I've just included some basketball, but there are hockey and football obviously.  Some of the veteran football are sticker which is a shame. Perhaps Panini should do this for BB.  Here's a look at some of the cards:

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