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Saturday, May 4, 2013

So what should I buy?

Not me per se, I'm still tracking down the last few cards I need for my masterpieces sets.  Interestingly enough, I still get quite a few emails asking me various questions.  Some of these are from people that frankly want to know what to buy.

There are a few things to consider.  First, what's your budget?  Honestly, if you have to worry about a budget of $30-$50....save your money.  Am I taking all of the fun out of this?  Sure, but take it from someone that knows. You are going to end up hating yourself for buying a box and not getting much.  If you truly have a couple hundred bucks to spend, ask yourself what you want?  If you want to have some continuing fun, build a set then find a set builder box like Ginter or Heritage and buy a few of those.  Right now Heritage is the best deal going.  Ginter is incredibly expensive and the hits aren't worth a damn; conversely, for 3 boxes of ginter, you can get 6 boxes of Heritage.  You'll get some extras, maybe a chance to pull some SSP's and some trade bait of jersey cards.  With ginter, you are essentially paying $50 for 2 more jersey cards and no real SSP's. Sure you get mini's but...they aren't worth the extra cash.  To me, Ginter is worth about $50 a box and Heritage about $40.

Hockey OPC
Basketball N/A -  There isn't a current Basketball set that is worth buying to build a set.

So what else is there?  Well there's always going for the big hit.  What's the best way to go about this?  Hmmm, that's a good question.  Here's my view.  A hit product is one of those where you esentially get an entire case worth of hits in a box, more or less.  You just don't get all of those lovely base cards.  I will warn you, the excitement is there when you open the pack/box but the let down can be quick and brutal.  For example, 2007 Topps Triple Threads Football had one of the worst returns ever.  These were anywhere from $125-$200 depending on when.  Same with Topps Progression...yuck.

So it comes down to finding a value break where there is some reward.  One of my favorite breaks is 2007 Upper Deck Premier.

See a break here: http://iamjoecollector.blogspot.com/2010/01/january-2-boxes-2007-premier-football.html

Each box runs about $90 from Atlanta Sports cards: 2007 Premier But beware of 2007 Ultimate, it was so bad that DA Cardworld used to give it away with a purchase of a certain amount.  Anyway, Those rookie jersey autos are pretty nice even though they are sticker autos.  The alternative is to go for a box of exquisite.  That's about 4 boxes of Premier for 1 box of Exquisite.  The RPA's are 1 per box but these are more easily searched.  Basically, you can pick the A level RPA box out of the case of exquisite so don't buy a cheap orphan box off ebay. Obviously these days Exquisite is a college uni product which isn't for everyone and costs a ton of money.  Your two best bets are National Treasures and Topps 5 Star, lots of good hits.  Contrast that with buying 4-5 boxes of Topps Chrome.  Yikes.  You are playing with taking a massive loss and having a ton of base cards whereas 5 star and NT are full of alternative hits other than the RPA's to get value from.


AdamE said...

One note: If your are a set collector than Heritage might not be the set for you unless you have a very large budget. Just to many SPs that are hard to pull and they get expensive to buy.

A Ginter set has 50 SP cards but they don't seem to be as rare as Heritage SPs.

stusigpi said...

That's a good point. I think the Heritage is a difficult set to build for that reason but that is part of the fun. Whereas a Ginter set is easy and cheap to build, a Heritage set will keep you occupied. I think heritage is the best mix of having the fun of busting and difficulty of building a set.