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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Joy of a Completed Set - Rainbow Bright - The End of a Journey!

As you all know my collecting has slowed to a crawl.....but that's not what this is about.

I started this blog back in 2008 and about that time was sort of meandering around the collecting landscape.  I was buying mainly singles about that time and switched to buying wax.  I spent a fortune to say the least and was beginning to learn that busting boxes is a losing proposition....Did I let that stop me? Nooooo.  I have literally spent $30k on wax since then if not more.  I've sold a lot of cards but still I didn't come close to recovering half of that.

As part of that I started buying 2008 Masterpieces Baseball and Football.  I was getting the stuff for half of MSRP.  I pulled a couple of patches and a few serial numbered parallels and I was hooked.  Not until December of 2008 did I buy a few boxes of 2007 Masterpieces Baseball.  Here is the first box I posted.

I didn't get heavy into the 2007's because I frankly liked the 2008's better.  At that time I didn't know the difference between Green Linen/Windsor and Black Linen/Serious Black.  I was however buying lots and singles off ebay and COMC.  I seemed to be the only person buying them for quite a few years at that point...yes, I've been working on this for 5 years. By now you've figured it out...tonight I completed the last of the serial numbered parallel sets, well except for the 1/1's.  There are 7.  Serious Black /99, Black Linen /99, Pinot Red /75, Blue Linen /75, Blue Steel /50, Hades /50, and Rusted /50, plus the two green sets that aren't numbered.

I hate to get a little sentimental here but things have changed greatly for me in these 5 years, some good, some bad, and some we just don't know yet.  It's quite silly, but those of us that started blogs around 2008 still talk quite a bit on twitter.

Anyway, in February 2011 I bought a case of 2007 Masterpieces and quite frankly killed it.  The Nolan Ryan auto sold for well over $100, The Ichiro 1/1 sold for $80 or so, and I also pulled two Lincecum parallels /50.  I said at the time that those saved me quite a bit by not having to buy the singles.  To this day that is still correct.  They still get $75-$100 when they come up for sale.

Some time later I bought 3 more, I ended up busting 26 in all.  I pulled some amazing cards, including the Lincecum 1/1 auto, a Jordan 1/1 Parallel, and a Mattingly 1/1 auto.  The only negatives were the cases that had a loser 1/1 jersey and about $75 worth of autos....those were tough, the other negative was the high amount of high dollar expired redemptions.  I pulled a massive number of Griffey, Jeter, and Ripken auto box topper redemptions.....ouch.  I also pulled a jeter auto redemption, Dan Haren 1/1 auto, and a bunch of other not so great expired redemptions.  The topper redemptions put a huge dent in my return.  One thing that stayed constant was the parallels.  I did quite well, pulling a number of Jordan, Lincecum, Ripken, Griffey, and Jeter parallels that go for decent cash.

I was also buying big lots too.  Funny enough, it was still difficult to finish the sets.  To give you an idea, there are 7 of each blacks, 5-6 of the blue linen and pinot each, and 2-4 of each of the /50's.  So 26 cases is 182 of each of the blacks, 130-156 of the 75's each and, 52-104 of the /50's.  The set has 90 cards and I was still struggling to finish the sets.

At the end of 2011 this is what my wantlist looked like:
Serious Black /99

Black Linen /99

Blue Linen /75 

Pinot /75 need (1)
33 - Chase Utley

Hades /50 

Blue Steel /50 1
8 - Lou Gehrig

Rusted /50 9 6
4 - Bill Mazaroski
10 - Cal Ripken
22 - Babe Ruth
49 - Albert Pujols
82 - Tim Lincecum
83 - Billy Butler

I didn't open any cases after that.  I was buying my cases from Josh at Atlanta Sports Cards and his stock ran dry but not before his prices increased.  My view is that the actual value of these cases was $350, I was paying $570-$600.  No way I was paying $700.  

Amazing if you ask me that I would need that many cards after as many singles as I bought.  I found the Utley on COMC, The Blue Steel Gehrig showed up on ebay as did the other rusted except for 4 and 10.  I got the Mazeroski just a few months ago.  Keep in mind, I have been actively searching for the Mazeroski and the Ripken for a while.  Posting on message boards, searching ebay multiple times a day, COMC, Beckett, etc. Just last Thursday the Ripken and a few others showed up on ebay....I had checked worthpoint and the Ripken had been listed before, not sure how I missed it.  Anyway, for $36 plus shipping I won the Ripken.  That was a snipe bid do.  Damn.

That's kind of the story of this whole mess.  Trying to complete these sets was more of a proof of concept.  Not in the traditional sense.  Proof of concept is to show that something can be done, my concept was that given almost unlimited funds and time, these sets really aren't completable.  I suppose that if I would have started at release and had the set completion in mind, it wouldn't have taken nearly this long.

I'm going to scan these sets and post them all at once.  That will probably be sometime in late December as I have to scan 100 sheets.  See, there's your closure on this set project....But I still have a few to go on my other sets.

2008 Masterpieces Green 75 

67 Eric Chavez 
2008 Football

Light Blue /50 need 2
79 - Scott Norwood 
83 - Tom Brady 

Green Metallic /50 need 2 
78 - Jack Lambert 
81 - Terrell Owens 

Burgundy /25 9
5 - Barry Sanders 
13 - Champ Bailey 
15 - Dan Marino 
19 - Desmond Howard 
31 - Eli Manning 
37 - Gale Sayers 
46 - Joe Montana  
67 - Paul Hornung 
73 - Lester Hayes 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Calvin Johnson Masterpieces Patches /50

Meh, somebody wanted to see them. Ignore the Oakheart Rum in the left corner.