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Sunday, February 22, 2015

2013 Topps Update 108 Ct. Rack Case Break

I decided to go ahead a bust the case while I had the time and it did not disappoint.  It's crazy how many cards one of these cases actually produces.  Collation was very good as I got 8-9 complete sets. I have them sorted by card but it's possible that I might have 7 of one or two of them.  It took me about 3 hours to sort them...my least favorite thing for sure.

First things first, the super big hits!  Ok, I didn't buy this case for the hits, but I was a bit surprised I didn't get an auto.  Topps has been very good to me in the past.  In fact, I bought a retail case of 2008 Topps Mayo Football a few years back and pulled a good number of sp autos.  It also would have been nice to pull a serialed jersey or patch...again, not disappointed, just the way it is.

On to the inserts:
These are the 71 Topps minis, 1 per pack and there were 50 in the set.  I got the entire set, not sure about a second set.

These are the variations I got.  I would have expected to get more of these as they only fell about 1:13 packs.  I found all of them but 1 right away.

Topps gold /2013.  1:2 packs.  I got 53 of these....Going to be a long road collecting these sets.

Emerald Green, 1:2 packs, got 55 of them, no Puig.
Quick note on the blue, 3 per pack and got 324 of them.  I am a bit short of a set but I didn't get many doubles.
Camo /99.  Got 3 including Wil Myers...Is he a thing?  Of course I pulled a Chavez.  Teasing me since he is the only card I need to complete my Green Masterpieces set /75.
Pink /50 including Anthony Rendon

Blue Sparkle? /25

There are a few inserts I didn't bother with as they are the normal useless Topps bloat.  So there you have it.  I am thinking of busting a few more of these because they are so cheap and you do get a couple low numbered cards.  I may put together a couple blue sets and then sell the hand collated base sets.  If you see anything you want, make me an offer.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Today's Mail, Patches and Hockey

My case showed up today along with some singles and supplies that I bought as well.  BTW, I'm not sure what it is, but it sure does feel good to get cards put in sheets and cases.  Anyway, I probably won't open the case for a bit because I am in the process of moving.

Here are the two patches that I got for about $5 each:
Upper Deck serial numbered these on the back, but the baseball patches from the same year are stamped on the front.

And a couple of Hockey Red /25:

From what I understand, Gregg Kohn aka @ScoobyCub who now works for Leaf is the one that designed these products from a development standpoint.  In Hockey, the red is /25 whereas in Football they are /199 and in Baseball they are not serial numbered.  Blacks in Baseball and Football are common parallels and not serialed, but they are 1/1's in hockey.  When I am searching auctions, it takes me a bit to remember which is which.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today's Mail, including Hockey

I wasn't home at 6 pm when UPS tried to deliver my case so I will have to wait until tomorrow.  In the meantime...Today's mail:

The Flacco Rookie is /150 and cost me $3, the Forsberg is /99 and cost me .99, the Podolak Green is /75 and was .99, Fisk is /125 and was .99 and the Drew Pearson /150 was .99.  All 5 shipped were just over $11.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Walter Payton /99

Today's mail.  Part of my order from DA Cardworld included 300 plastic sheets and new binders so I can get this stuff put away.

Interestingly enough, I paid $5 shipped for this card whereas some people think they have cardboard gold....Adam Dunn is no Walter Payton. I once wrote I post, I want to buy it now but do you want to sell it now...I run into that a lot with these cards.

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Big Hurt and evidence of an obsession

As sorta promised here is a picture of the 2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Frank Thomas auto.  I've seen two others if I recall.  Keep in mind, I've been casting a wide net for 6-7 years.
One of my favorite cards.

The other day I mentioned that I had been searching for the Eli Manning Burgundy /25 and had found 3 in the past few months.  The second one in two weeks came in today.

I went looking for the other one and some cards to get sorted and ran across my burgundy doubles.  I took a pic and then realized that this is just half of my doubles.  These do not include my set to which I am 4 short.  Why did I title this an obsession?  Well let's do the math.  There are 86 cards in the burgundy set with 25 being made of each.  That means there are 2150 total produced.  Of those, I have about 200 or a little less than 10% of the production run.  That just isn't right.  Here's the half to give you an idea.
Just an FYI, Any of the graded cards I have were bought that way. I refuse to crack them out.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So I've chosen a mix

As with everything, there is a happy medium.

I was looking at the cost of singles and lots for the Topps gold and other parallels and the lots that sell run about .30 a card whereas the lots that don't sell want almost $1.00 a card.  Also, the problem has always been the stars.

Take 2013 Topps Update for example.  That set has Puig in it and I can't imagine that the Walmart Blue or the Topps gold would be all that cheap. In fact, here is an ebay auction for a partial set. There are others as well I assume.  Anyway, then when you look at the cost of a case of 2013 Topps Update they run:

Hobby cases run about $400, Retail wax cases run about $250, and the retail Jumbo rack run about $165 or so.....wait, there are 108 packs in the retail rack cases.  The retail racks also have 3 walmart blue cards for a total of 324, along with gold 1:2 and other inserts as well as technology and stuff,

So that's what I've done.  I've ordered a case of 2014 Update Racks.  It's really inexpensive in this case in comparison to buying singles and the number that you get from them.  With just the blue parallels and the golds I'll be paying about .30 a card at that price.

Case should be here Monday.

To Bust or not to Bust, that is the question

Those of you that are reading my blog for the first time obviously weren't around in 2009 - 2011 when I was opening boxes and cases by the truckload.  I'd say that 2011 was the most fun I had.  I opened a couple of cases of 2009 Topps Mayo Football, that was interesting but man those breaks are rough, a case of Philadelphia Football in an ill fated attempt to complete the chicle mini rookie auto set and maybe pull a veteran chicle auto.  I did ultimately complete that set.  It's cool as hell in person.  I opened a case of 2008 Masterpieces Football that was a little rough.  I also opened 26 cases of 2007 Masterpieces Baseball.  Those breaks were so much fun as I was pushing toward completing my parallel sets.  The downside was that it was really expensive, sorting the cards took forever, and selling the cards was frankly a pain in the butt.

When I was reselling, I would often come up short by about $250 in recouping my costs but I got to keep all of the parallels.  The other side of it was that I would spend a day listing, and a couple of days packing and shipping.  I got pretty good at it on that scale and I found that when I did my final 5 cases the selling part wasn't much more effort than 2 or 3 cases.  The worst part was sorting the base cards. This brings me to my question.

In attempting to collect these gold parallel sets, should I A. buy some cases, bust, trade, sell and just pull out the cards I need? B. Buy complete sets when I can. (I view this as cheating, but is it really any different than buying massive lots on ebay?). C. Buy lots on ebay, buy singles on comc, sportlots, etc?

Option A would be fun to a point but can get really expensive really fast especially with the size of the sets though I might pull some cool cards.  Another down side is that the cards stick together.  If you've opened up any of the 90's Upper Deck or Topps boxes ten years later, you know what I mean.  I'll also say that if I hadn't opened all of those cases of 07 Masterpieces I would still be many cards away from the sets.

Option B, as I said, feels like cheating.

Option C seems like a happy medium, but the issue here is that you generally end up with a ton of doubles and then have to go through and resell what you have left over. Also, busting cases is a lot of fun....

With 20 years or so of sets that I want to collect.....what say you?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Collection additions and a new collecting quest

In reviewing my blog it appears that I haven't posted in well over a year.  I also need to scan some of my 2007 Masterpieces completed sets but alas many of my binders are still packed away from when I moved two years ago.  I have quite a few cards to put away but...I just haven't done it.  I also need to order about 15 binders and a thousand or so sheets to do so.  You see back in August I bought out a large collection of Masterpieces Football Parallels.  Well over 1000 cards and some interesting autos.

BTW, if you have any to sell, let me know.

Some readers may have a cursory knowledge of how masterpieces was packed out.  In 2007 there was only baseball.  Each box had 3 jersey cards and those sets were easy to put together in volume though collation could be a bit tricky.  The Green unnumbered parallels came in two flavors, Windsor, non textured, and Linen textured.  They fell 3-4 in a box and 1-2 in a box respectively.  The serial numbered parallels were two per box.  I have since completed all 7 of the serial numbered sets....26.5 cases later. Here is a nice example /75 of a Blue Linen:

The autos is where things got interesting.  The checklist is quite large and I am not sure if I have ever seen a complete accurate checklist.  There were a few redemptions, some SP's and some SSP's.  Frank Thomas, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Mike Schmidt, and this guy:

Jim Thome are just a few of those.  I just picked this up and let me tell you I had never seen one before.  I also have the Frank Thomas.  There are rumored to be 10-25 or so of the Thomas and no idea of the Thome but wouldn't surprise me if it was 5-10.  Upper Deck won't tell me.  There were also 1/1 green border versions.  In my opening, I pulled the Cliff Lee, Don Mattingly, and the Tim Lincecum...The latter I sold for $700.  There were also box loader autos that fell 1 per case and the checklist there is good too just a lot of redemptions.  Also, the autos were pretty good by the case though I had a few stinkers but overall I was happy.  Jeter, Ripken, Griffey are redemptions by the way. I haven't seen a sealed case of these available in years, but just FYI, more than $40 for a box and you're going to feel empty after you break a box.

In 2008, the auto checklist took a dump and so did the quality of the breaks.  There were nice cards to be had but the cases were absolutely awful.  Upper Deck did add jersey autos, patches /25 and Patch autos /25.  Really nice checklist but the Patches and Patch autos were one per case whereas the jersey autos were about 3 per case.  In 2008 there were no more box loaders but the short print autos are still out there.  Hobby boxes have 1 auto, 1 jersey, 1 serialed parallel, 4 black parallel, and 1 red with a chance at a patch.  Retail has a jersey per box and sometimes an auto 1:6 boxes.  This is where things get tricky.  Some of the cases have a ton of serialed parallels, others have none.  They have a bunch of black parallels and a number of sp base cards.  A good price for the hobby, $30-$40 though you'll never find them for that, hobby isn't a bad break for $20.  Blowout has the retail for $20 regularly.

I am one card 67 Eric Chavez Green /75 away from all of the sets /50 and above.  I have never seen one.

Football Masterpieces only appeared in 2008 and it's a damn shame.  Probably my favorite set, and break of all time.  The 07 baseball is a close second.  The problem is that the breaks were always good from a collector standpoint, but terrible from a resale perspective.  Much as we hate to talk about the profit from a break, it is essential to get some ROI when busting in volume.

The 08 FB break consisted of 1 auto per box, 2 jerseys, 3 serialed parallels, 4 black.  The patches /50 were two per case with a good checklist.  Here are some of my latest pickups:

That's Jonathan Stewart, Calvin Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Harry Douglas, Kevin O'Connell, Anquan Boldin (I have about 15 of these and 13 are plain white), Darren McFadden, and finally Greg Olson that resulted in me completing my fifth set.  These sell from $5-$40 for a Brady.

The parallels are 3 per case and range from /10 - /199 for the red.  Here are some examples:

The Eli Manning is /25.  I looked for this card for 5 years.  I saw one that went for over $200, now I have picked up 3 for less than $20.  The Namath is /10.  Those no name baseball guys are /50.  I am 1 card short of the Green Metallic set, Jack Lambert /50.  I am 4 cards short of the Burgundy /25 set. Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Desmond Howard and Paul Hornung.

The autos is where it gets interesting. Pretty good checklist, the rookies are in their college uniforms, but some of the cards are super short print like Elway, Favre, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Marino, Matt Ryan.  Also, some of the cards were apparently not available in packs like Jeremy Shockey, Lester Hayes, Franco Harris, and maybe one other.  Joe Montana was never made.  There were also the /10's which fell 1 per case.  These are red bordered, but damn if you miss on this card it hurts.  I pulled a Derek Anderson in one of my cases.....yuck.

So there it is.  I'm still collecting these as you can see and I literally have thousands and thousands, but it may be time for me to move on to a new collecting venture.

First, there were some fantastic auto sets put out in 1999-2002 in baseball, football, and basketball.  Fleer Greats of the Game as well as Upper Deck Epic Signatures and such.  These sets are definite maybes.

What I am going to start collecting are Topps parallel sets.  Topps Gold, Walmart and Target Parallels and such.  So here is my plea to you.  If you have lots of these to get rid of or feel like contributing to the cause, please let me know.