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Monday, February 9, 2015

Collection additions and a new collecting quest

In reviewing my blog it appears that I haven't posted in well over a year.  I also need to scan some of my 2007 Masterpieces completed sets but alas many of my binders are still packed away from when I moved two years ago.  I have quite a few cards to put away but...I just haven't done it.  I also need to order about 15 binders and a thousand or so sheets to do so.  You see back in August I bought out a large collection of Masterpieces Football Parallels.  Well over 1000 cards and some interesting autos.

BTW, if you have any to sell, let me know.

Some readers may have a cursory knowledge of how masterpieces was packed out.  In 2007 there was only baseball.  Each box had 3 jersey cards and those sets were easy to put together in volume though collation could be a bit tricky.  The Green unnumbered parallels came in two flavors, Windsor, non textured, and Linen textured.  They fell 3-4 in a box and 1-2 in a box respectively.  The serial numbered parallels were two per box.  I have since completed all 7 of the serial numbered sets....26.5 cases later. Here is a nice example /75 of a Blue Linen:

The autos is where things got interesting.  The checklist is quite large and I am not sure if I have ever seen a complete accurate checklist.  There were a few redemptions, some SP's and some SSP's.  Frank Thomas, Wade Boggs, Don Mattingly, Mike Schmidt, and this guy:

Jim Thome are just a few of those.  I just picked this up and let me tell you I had never seen one before.  I also have the Frank Thomas.  There are rumored to be 10-25 or so of the Thomas and no idea of the Thome but wouldn't surprise me if it was 5-10.  Upper Deck won't tell me.  There were also 1/1 green border versions.  In my opening, I pulled the Cliff Lee, Don Mattingly, and the Tim Lincecum...The latter I sold for $700.  There were also box loader autos that fell 1 per case and the checklist there is good too just a lot of redemptions.  Also, the autos were pretty good by the case though I had a few stinkers but overall I was happy.  Jeter, Ripken, Griffey are redemptions by the way. I haven't seen a sealed case of these available in years, but just FYI, more than $40 for a box and you're going to feel empty after you break a box.

In 2008, the auto checklist took a dump and so did the quality of the breaks.  There were nice cards to be had but the cases were absolutely awful.  Upper Deck did add jersey autos, patches /25 and Patch autos /25.  Really nice checklist but the Patches and Patch autos were one per case whereas the jersey autos were about 3 per case.  In 2008 there were no more box loaders but the short print autos are still out there.  Hobby boxes have 1 auto, 1 jersey, 1 serialed parallel, 4 black parallel, and 1 red with a chance at a patch.  Retail has a jersey per box and sometimes an auto 1:6 boxes.  This is where things get tricky.  Some of the cases have a ton of serialed parallels, others have none.  They have a bunch of black parallels and a number of sp base cards.  A good price for the hobby, $30-$40 though you'll never find them for that, hobby isn't a bad break for $20.  Blowout has the retail for $20 regularly.

I am one card 67 Eric Chavez Green /75 away from all of the sets /50 and above.  I have never seen one.

Football Masterpieces only appeared in 2008 and it's a damn shame.  Probably my favorite set, and break of all time.  The 07 baseball is a close second.  The problem is that the breaks were always good from a collector standpoint, but terrible from a resale perspective.  Much as we hate to talk about the profit from a break, it is essential to get some ROI when busting in volume.

The 08 FB break consisted of 1 auto per box, 2 jerseys, 3 serialed parallels, 4 black.  The patches /50 were two per case with a good checklist.  Here are some of my latest pickups:

That's Jonathan Stewart, Calvin Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Harry Douglas, Kevin O'Connell, Anquan Boldin (I have about 15 of these and 13 are plain white), Darren McFadden, and finally Greg Olson that resulted in me completing my fifth set.  These sell from $5-$40 for a Brady.

The parallels are 3 per case and range from /10 - /199 for the red.  Here are some examples:

The Eli Manning is /25.  I looked for this card for 5 years.  I saw one that went for over $200, now I have picked up 3 for less than $20.  The Namath is /10.  Those no name baseball guys are /50.  I am 1 card short of the Green Metallic set, Jack Lambert /50.  I am 4 cards short of the Burgundy /25 set. Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Desmond Howard and Paul Hornung.

The autos is where it gets interesting. Pretty good checklist, the rookies are in their college uniforms, but some of the cards are super short print like Elway, Favre, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Marino, Matt Ryan.  Also, some of the cards were apparently not available in packs like Jeremy Shockey, Lester Hayes, Franco Harris, and maybe one other.  Joe Montana was never made.  There were also the /10's which fell 1 per case.  These are red bordered, but damn if you miss on this card it hurts.  I pulled a Derek Anderson in one of my cases.....yuck.

So there it is.  I'm still collecting these as you can see and I literally have thousands and thousands, but it may be time for me to move on to a new collecting venture.

First, there were some fantastic auto sets put out in 1999-2002 in baseball, football, and basketball.  Fleer Greats of the Game as well as Upper Deck Epic Signatures and such.  These sets are definite maybes.

What I am going to start collecting are Topps parallel sets.  Topps Gold, Walmart and Target Parallels and such.  So here is my plea to you.  If you have lots of these to get rid of or feel like contributing to the cause, please let me know.


Play at the Plate said...

So good to see you back! I'd love to just sit and look at your Masterpieces collection. Amazing stuff. I might be able to dig up some Walmart parallels for you. I'm pretty tied up with work at the moment, but I'll let you know what I can scrounge up.

stusigpi said...

Thanks man. The project looks daunting but I think there is enough availability out there that it is possible. I'm going to have to really rely upon the kindness of strangers to do this. You know 20,000 cards is a lot to come up with by ebay alone.

Play at the Plate said...

I just wrote a little pub post to intro you to all the new bloggers who have started in the last year. It's short and sweet and will go live at 7 AM central time.

The Junior Junkie said...


Got any tips for telling the Windsor and Linen Greens apart?

Captain Canuck said...

welcome back dude. Hope to see more posts in the near future.

John Miller said...

I have a couple handfuls of Topps paralells. and a huge want list myself, lmk.

stusigpi said...


Here is the link http://iamjoecollector.blogspot.com/2009/10/2007-upper-deck-masterpieces-serious.html?m=1

stusigpi said...


I need to dig through my cards, get some lots bought and really get to work on it. I suspect this will be a 2 year project. I'd recommend sportlots if you haven't already.

Anonymous said...

I have quite a few Topps parallels from my project and would love to trade them. Drop me a line when you get the chance!