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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

So I've chosen a mix

As with everything, there is a happy medium.

I was looking at the cost of singles and lots for the Topps gold and other parallels and the lots that sell run about .30 a card whereas the lots that don't sell want almost $1.00 a card.  Also, the problem has always been the stars.

Take 2013 Topps Update for example.  That set has Puig in it and I can't imagine that the Walmart Blue or the Topps gold would be all that cheap. In fact, here is an ebay auction for a partial set. There are others as well I assume.  Anyway, then when you look at the cost of a case of 2013 Topps Update they run:

Hobby cases run about $400, Retail wax cases run about $250, and the retail Jumbo rack run about $165 or so.....wait, there are 108 packs in the retail rack cases.  The retail racks also have 3 walmart blue cards for a total of 324, along with gold 1:2 and other inserts as well as technology and stuff,

So that's what I've done.  I've ordered a case of 2014 Update Racks.  It's really inexpensive in this case in comparison to buying singles and the number that you get from them.  With just the blue parallels and the golds I'll be paying about .30 a card at that price.

Case should be here Monday.


John Hazen said...

Hope you get some good stuff in them. Either that or not a ton of dupes ;)

John Miller said...

I just won that Walmart Blue Puig and the base off Ebay today for $1.59 delivered. Best of luck on the bust. May you pull some NICE HITS!

stusigpi said...

Damn John, way to blow my theory out of the water.