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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To Bust or not to Bust, that is the question

Those of you that are reading my blog for the first time obviously weren't around in 2009 - 2011 when I was opening boxes and cases by the truckload.  I'd say that 2011 was the most fun I had.  I opened a couple of cases of 2009 Topps Mayo Football, that was interesting but man those breaks are rough, a case of Philadelphia Football in an ill fated attempt to complete the chicle mini rookie auto set and maybe pull a veteran chicle auto.  I did ultimately complete that set.  It's cool as hell in person.  I opened a case of 2008 Masterpieces Football that was a little rough.  I also opened 26 cases of 2007 Masterpieces Baseball.  Those breaks were so much fun as I was pushing toward completing my parallel sets.  The downside was that it was really expensive, sorting the cards took forever, and selling the cards was frankly a pain in the butt.

When I was reselling, I would often come up short by about $250 in recouping my costs but I got to keep all of the parallels.  The other side of it was that I would spend a day listing, and a couple of days packing and shipping.  I got pretty good at it on that scale and I found that when I did my final 5 cases the selling part wasn't much more effort than 2 or 3 cases.  The worst part was sorting the base cards. This brings me to my question.

In attempting to collect these gold parallel sets, should I A. buy some cases, bust, trade, sell and just pull out the cards I need? B. Buy complete sets when I can. (I view this as cheating, but is it really any different than buying massive lots on ebay?). C. Buy lots on ebay, buy singles on comc, sportlots, etc?

Option A would be fun to a point but can get really expensive really fast especially with the size of the sets though I might pull some cool cards.  Another down side is that the cards stick together.  If you've opened up any of the 90's Upper Deck or Topps boxes ten years later, you know what I mean.  I'll also say that if I hadn't opened all of those cases of 07 Masterpieces I would still be many cards away from the sets.

Option B, as I said, feels like cheating.

Option C seems like a happy medium, but the issue here is that you generally end up with a ton of doubles and then have to go through and resell what you have left over. Also, busting cases is a lot of fun....

With 20 years or so of sets that I want to collect.....what say you?


Play at the Plate said...

Busting cases would be fun, but won't ever be feasible for me. I'd say buy lots or go COMC or something similar. You can always group lots of dupes together to recoup some of the money. I think that would be easier than trying to recoup the money selling off stuff from cases.

Duane said...

well I am sure you know what my answer would be!! I would say a little bit of A.. to scratch your gambling itch, then go crazy on C, that is the most efficient way to go and you still get the thrill of the chase.

Matthew Scott said...

I think with the Topps parallels your best bet would be option C. To me the amount of base cards you would get stuck with would be pretty overwhelming.