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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Football Metallic /50 Set.......Complete

It's finally done.  I've said that a lot over the years but perhaps this was the most frustrated I had been about completing one of these sets.  You see, the final card was the Jack Lambert.  Why is this frustrating?  Because I have seen this card twice before.  Once on ebay and once on check out my cards.  The seller that sold it on COMC had been in contact with me before.  He had said he thought he had some pf these but not to worry he would track them down.  Then he emailed me and said he had sent all of them to Comc and they'd be posted shortly and I shouldn't have too much trouble getting them.  I still remember where I was when they posted.  I had just got done playing a round of golf and had made it to a brew pub in Salem, OR call The Ram.  I saw the listings and there were quite a few I needed at the time along with some patches /50.

As I was putting them into my card, all of the ones I needed were bought by someone else.  Why does this tick me off?  As if you have to ask.  yes they are his cards and he can sell them how he chooses, still a dick move.

I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, plus I had many others to track down to complete the /75 set, let alone the /50 sets.  These football parallels have never really been that popular and it's not uncommon for me to be the only bidder on a lot of these cards.....that was October 2011.......

I have been looking for the Lambert in earnest for a three years now as I have been down to just the last few of the Metallic set.  Finally, last Wednesday it was posted on Ebay.

Tonight I won the auction for like $6 and the set is complete.  Now I just have 3 left for the Burgundy /25 set.  Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, Paul Hornung.  Ironically, or not, I have the Hornung auto from the set, seems like that would be harder.  What I do know is that Barry Sanders Masterpieces parallels are a little tough to come by and I'm sure there are some hot cases out there with a bunch of his cards in it.  Second, I've seen a Hornung hot case so I'm sure the Burgundy versions are all nestled together.  To give you an idea of how this can affect the collation, I bought out a collection where a guy had busted about 6-8 cases and he had 6 Eddie Royal and 6 Kevin Dyson burgundy.  That's 25% of the production! He also had 11 Ladainian Tomlimson Green /75!  So collecting these sets can be a real shit show.  He had many other cards in quantity and of course, so do I.

On another note there are approximately 500-750 missing cases of this product.......sure wish I could find them.  Where do I come up with that number?  Well I have 5 complete patch sets, that's 300 patches and 10% of the production.  I have about 600 overall and I have bought just about every patch I can find with few exceptions.  Also, I've heard of no other collectors out there and the patches are mentioned so rarely...Where are the other 2400 patches.  Assuming 900 are in private collections somewhere and these people have no access to the internet and don't use ebay, that leaves 1500 unaccounted for at 2 per case leaving 750 unaccounted for cases....If you know of any, let me know.