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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Collecting is hard /10 edition

Needless to say I am bored collecting these days.  I get shivers at the thought of trying to collect a set like TANG, Heritage et al.  And because supply of my favorite set has dried up I am able to collect quality and not quantity.  I've got more good news, though I am keeping my job in Central Oregon, I am no longer going to live there.  Living in a valley like the Willamette and then trying to live in the dessert just doesn't work.

So last week I promised a bit of a purchase and on Monday, it arrived though I didn't make it home to check my mail until today.  These are quite a contrast between last week's Elway and Namath but a checklist is a checklist.

Lucky for me I have no problem with patience nor staying focused.  Side note, I see so many people collect and collect and then change direction multiple times, liquidate, wash, rinse, repeat.  I don't do that.  There is a collector that had 50+ of these reds, unfortunately he is a little delusional about what these are worth.  In contrast, there's another collector that had quite a few of these and has completed the 2007 and 2008 Masterpieces baseball autos and is 3 or so short of the football set.  He started collecting the reds but I think he realized that it's a fools errand....that's where I come in.

I purchased the entire lot for $100 which is a lot but trying to pick these up piecemeal is a pain, costly and takes a long time.  Some of these I now have 2 of and when you consider that Jonathan Stewart and Desean Jackson are putting together pretty good careers, it's not too shabby.

First up is Tashard Choice....no idea what happened to him.
 Then there is "Don't throw it to Stonehands!" Limas Sweed who apparently got to the NFL and couldn't actually catch the ball.
 Jonathan Stewart....Oregon guy and a damn fine player.
 Dennis Dixon, Oregon guy again and not a half bad QB just couldn't quite find a groove.
 I almost dropped this Desean Jackson a foot before I got in the front door but realized I wasn't all the way in the house yet.
 Isn't Jerome Simpson kind of doing something with his career these days?
 I hear his dad was a decent athlete.
 And the guy had a few parallels laying around.  People either let these go cheap or want a small fortune for them.


Captain Canuck said...

Don't throw it to stonehands!

heh... great movie.

Fuji said...

Damn... I'm seeing red!