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Friday, July 10, 2015

Masterpieces SSP Auto extravaganza

As I mentioned before, I am working about 3 hours away from home and have been since February.  It has really gotten in the way of me doing anything productive....like blogging and maintaining my collection.  So here are some of my auto pickups from the last few months.  It's important to keep in mind that although a card may not be super valuable it may be very hard to come by.

First up is Andruw Jones.  I pulled one of these in the 26 or so cases I opened but at that time I wasn't collecting the autos.  Bought this for $9
Next is Glavine.  This darn thing is super rare and I got it for about $25
On to Justin Morneau.  I actually have two of these as I pulled one from my first 5 boxes 7 years ago.  Couldn't pass this up for $6
Next take a ride on the D-Train.  I did pull one of these in my cases and I now own two because I picked up another one super cheap.
Derek Lee Auto Jersey graded BGS 9...Like $10 and not all that common
Not a star but dang hard to find...I've now seen 2 of these and got this for $5
And a little something for Captain, though Ware is not longer a Cowboy.  I did pay $45 or so for this but damn is it a beaut.  Numbered /10

And a bit of a comment. It amazes me how cheaply some cards can be had.  I bought this for $6 or so and was like WTF?  It's Joe Flacco.  I mean the guy has been super solid in his career and down right ridiculous in the playoffs.  Probably much better than you think.  I have no doubt that barring a major injury Flacco will be a first ballot HOF

oh and one more I picked up a few months back.


Captain Canuck said...

nice looking lot. Such a sweet set. You wonder why they haven't revisited it again.

stusigpi said...

Too expensive to make vs selling price. The real problem was configuration.