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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Just a couple

When collecting a 7 year old sets you have to expect things to get a little slow as far as availability.  It's absolutely dreadful these days trying to find anything.  However, things do pop up that I don't have or that I actively collect as many as I can find.

This Graig Nettles is actually fairly rare and someone posted it at $7 or so BIN.  I hit it immediately.  Every once in a while this happens where someone posts something way lower than what the sale price would potentially be.  For example, I picked up a Longoria (member him?) Blue /50 parallel on COMC for $20.  Those sell for $50 easy.  BTW, what ever happened to Longo?

The next card is of a certain quarter back from a certain team in a certain city...Brett FAVE-RA.  This cost me quite a bit more than the Nettles.  I think I have 8 of the 50 made of these.
Anyway, that's it.  And btw, 2016 Topps baseball looks like one of their Topps Town inserts from a few years back.


Fuji said...

Love the Favre!

stusigpi said...

It's a nice patch. These are super slow about coming on the market these days.