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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Quirks, Masterpieces edition

Every once in a while you run into something that, well, is just strange. Let's start with this.  I have no idea what it takes to complete an entire set from the manufacturing perspective but there are a few things we can agree are easy.  First, when making an insert set, jersey set, or auto set, for the love of all that is holy please number the cards rather than using initials.  For example, do number a set AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4.  Don't number a set AU-NB, AU-JL, AU-You're an idiot for numbering a set this way. Other things are a little tougher to be correct on all of the time like missing a letter, messing up a birth date.

One thing I've never been clear on is on cards are serial numbered.  Do they feed entire sheets through machines, one card at a time? I have no idea.  Which brings me to today.  I've found a number of oddities in the Masterpieces sets.  I've found foil less cards:

In fact I believe I have two sets of these particular foil less cards.

I've found an eli manning/YA Tittle that was printed on the wrong side of the card:

I've seen no other card like this in all of the cases and cards I have manhandled.

I've come across cards that have the incorrect frame for the numbering:

and this Marvin Harrison serial numbered 51/50

But today I ran into something entirely different.  Whilst perusing COMC for the 10th time today, I notice a Jonathan Stewart that was listed as being /15.  There is no such thing in this set. There's /10/25/50/75/99/150/199  There's also the Silver that are numbered to the Jersey number.  I knew this wasn't simply an odd numbering for the silver as the extended Rookies 101-110 were not included in that set.  So I just thought it was an error in the listing until I decided to look at the scan of the back:

I grabbed it immediately and paid way too much for it.  Now I have no idea how the machine got set to /15.  Maybe someone can enlighten me to how this whole thing works.