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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Y'all a bunch of idiots

Grabby title I'm sure but hear me out.  I don't break anymore due to cost, though, and not to humble-brag, I have more available funds now than in my heyday 2008-2011.  It seems so long ago.  I don't break for the reasons that we've been over a million times, the value isn't there and rarely do I get anything that I want.  It's cheaper just to buy, or god forbid, trade for the cards that I want.  These days my collecting is almost non-existent.

Some months I spend less than $20 on cards, some months it seems like I don't spend anything.  Having said that, I still pay attention to what's going on.  Basketball is still hot.  Pull a Doncic parallel and you might pay for cases let alone a case. I've thought about it, I've even been watching more basketball than I've ever watched. Part of me paying attention is I still follow Twitter accounts but I do find that I'm following those that are of the blogging class.  Gelman, Sooz, StaleGum.  It's like being on FB and being friends with your high school classmates but it's not like it used to be.

I rarely read the message boards anymore because people are still going "trout fishing" and busting cases to get junk.  Group breaks are everywhere, and you can buy in for more than I spend in a month these days.  I've thought about doing group breaks but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble.

What I did discover is that the real action is on Facebook.  Good grief there are rooms and pages everywhere.  Every idiot can and does have their own room and it seems like it's nothing but scammers and garbage.  I got my introduction by joining Sportcard Scammers Exposed group.  It's closed and you have to ask to join. I could be wrong but I think it's run by Gilmore from ye olde Freedom Card Board.

Frankly, the craziest and stupidest shit is exposed in this group.  They do have a nice database that names scammers as they come up and they do require proof.

Here's what I've seen:


There's some idiotic thing called a RAZZ which is basically a raffle.  There will inevitably be a $100 card that somebody sells 10 spots for at $25 a spot...good gig if you can get it.  Second, the person running the RAZZ will have their friend or family member win without your knowledge.  Also, if some rube that buys in happens to win the person running it will find some reason why you didn't win or wasn't eligible.  Finally, you'll never get your item.

4 Way Fatal

Oh Christ, if you want to really get ripped off, here you go.  The 4WF is basically a 4 spot Razz where in the random if you are number 1, you win.  Spots 2 and 3 are safe and spot 4 pays for the entire thing.  So if they "line" the card at $100, the loser ie spot 4 pays the entire amount.


Self-explanatory, only someone always gets shafted by never getting their cards.

Group Breaks:

We are all familiar with these.  Somebody buys some boxes, people sign up for their team or random the team, you break them and people get their cards.  Seems simple enough.  The great thing is though that people will run a break with some ghetto ass blaster they bought at Target for $20 and sell spots for $10....or you'll see a mix of boxes that add up to about $100-$200 worth of product and the breaker sells 30 spots for $20 a spot.  Making money hand over fist. I can say that with all of the group breaks I ever ran, I'm pretty sure I was losing about 10% on each break.

Here's where the scam comes in and the group I referenced above even made a Tshirt out of the excuses people give.  Funny enough, people really do use these excuses.

It amazes me how many dumbasses pay friends and family when involving themselves in these.  What's the problem you ask?  You basically have no recourse and the person steals your money.  When you pay goods and services, you have recourse.

The next scam is just never sending the items.  The great thing is that you will probably be the recipient of the great excuses on the shirt.  The hits just keep on coming, but you aren't getting any.  These guys love to have their buddies "win" these items and take your cash.  Last, and certainly not least is the hidden card trick.  To which I present you with the best hidden card trick of all time....Brandin Cooks numbered to 99!

Monday, February 4, 2019

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football Completed Set

Sometimes it takes a decade or so to polish off a set.  It's not necessarily for lack of trying, more on that in a different post where my lack of trying is exactly why I haven't completed it yet.

If I recall correctly, I believe I busted two cases of 2009 Philly here in 2011 in the midst of my 2007 Masterpieces spree and here which was a 5 person group break that I did.  I also opened about 11 packs of clearance racks I found at Walmart in 2011 I think?  Anyway, my first attempt at collecting the set was successful in that I completed the Rookie Chicle Auto Set back in 2011.  I think at one point, DA and Blowout were dumping these for around $400.  Even then, that was $30 a box and you couldn't recover even half of your cost.  I think original retail was $75 and now there are some straggler boxes on the bay for $55-$60

This set is stunning in person and I couldn't be happier to have completed it.  The last card I needed for that set was Mr. Blindside.  The checklist ain't too shabby.

The other thing that Upper Deck did that was cool was the buybacks.  For the most part, they were in pretty good condition when I pulled them. The Krause and Stiger are way off center but in comparison to some of Topps' shenanigans, these are nice.

Next, are the box toppers.  Each box had a box topper with an auto'd version falling one per case. My one complaint about these is the card stock is, again, Topps' level.  I absolutely hate the card stock on Flagship Topps.  It's garbage.  These toppers are just thin for the size of card.  They are packed in opaque foil packs. Beanie Wells, memba him? Regardless of the card stock, these are beautiful and are high enough quality to frame and display.

The base autos really did this set in.  The two main SP's are Eli Manning and LaDainian Tomlinson.  Peyton Manning isn't really SP'd. They seemed one per case.  The auto checklist was weak AF and did not support the cost of the box.

I picked up this Eli some time ago.  One super big surprise is that there is a Matt Ryan auto that was probably supposed to be in packs but was never packed out. I received mine as a redemption replacement. The one below is not mine:


The jerseys are all single color and not worth posting a pic.  One per box.  No patches were included.  This also hurt the product.  People love patches and auto patches.

The Set!

The first 200 cards are common and are a dime a dozen.  I don't recall how many base sets I got per case but it was a lot and I couldn't give them away. My favorite player leads off the set.

The backs are nice and classic.  As you can see, the card stock is legit and I'd be happy if all sets were like this.
This is where the set gets tricky.  Upper Deck did 75 rookies numbered 201-275  These seemed to fall 1-2 per box, and there's the rub.  It takes a lot of boxes to complete this part of the set if you don't get any doubles.  Even in college uniforms, it's a nice addition to the set.
Then, cards 276-300 are retired stars.  I don't know if you'd classify these as SSP but I don't even think they are 1 per box. The checklist is an old school football fan's dream. Every player is instantly recognizable.

Upper Deck then classified cards 301 to 400 as SP's but it only took me a case to complete a set. There's Obama
There's the Vietnam era.  This is an OCD's worst nightmare:
And some In-Action Card:
The other thing that Upper Deck did was include the Chicle insert set:
 Planes, and some trains (not pictured)
 Vets, there are auto'd versions of these numbered to the jersey number...good luck attempting to find those.
 And the rookies
And just to satisfy your curiosity, the last card I needed arrived today.  I had looked for this card for a while with no luck and it finally popped up on EBAY...not COMC, not Sportlots.  I told you, the Rookies and Vets are no joke to try and complete:
In the 10 years I've been at this set, as you the reader knows, a lot has changed.  I suppose that's why a lot of us collect, it's a constant and no matter what happens, cards are always there...Set Complete.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

My Nova Project

I've had this car since high school....

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Quirks, Masterpieces edition

Every once in a while you run into something that, well, is just strange. Let's start with this.  I have no idea what it takes to complete an entire set from the manufacturing perspective but there are a few things we can agree are easy.  First, when making an insert set, jersey set, or auto set, for the love of all that is holy please number the cards rather than using initials.  For example, do number a set AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4.  Don't number a set AU-NB, AU-JL, AU-You're an idiot for numbering a set this way. Other things are a little tougher to be correct on all of the time like missing a letter, messing up a birth date.

One thing I've never been clear on is on cards are serial numbered.  Do they feed entire sheets through machines, one card at a time? I have no idea.  Which brings me to today.  I've found a number of oddities in the Masterpieces sets.  I've found foil less cards:

In fact I believe I have two sets of these particular foil less cards.

I've found an eli manning/YA Tittle that was printed on the wrong side of the card:

I've seen no other card like this in all of the cases and cards I have manhandled.

I've come across cards that have the incorrect frame for the numbering:

and this Marvin Harrison serial numbered 51/50

But today I ran into something entirely different.  Whilst perusing COMC for the 10th time today, I notice a Jonathan Stewart that was listed as being /15.  There is no such thing in this set. There's /10/25/50/75/99/150/199  There's also the Silver that are numbered to the Jersey number.  I knew this wasn't simply an odd numbering for the silver as the extended Rookies 101-110 were not included in that set.  So I just thought it was an error in the listing until I decided to look at the scan of the back:

I grabbed it immediately and paid way too much for it.  Now I have no idea how the machine got set to /15.  Maybe someone can enlighten me to how this whole thing works.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

This is a rare auto #noromo

To anyone that has tried to put together a set with sp's, ssp's and ssssp's, there is an appreciation of random cards that are all but impossible to find.  There are several of those autos in the 2008 Masterpieces Football auto set.  Eli Manning, John Elway, Matt Ryan, Favre, Marino and others are extremely rare, What's worse is that some of these end up being redemptions such as Favre.

Some of the SSP's are a little surprising, Franco Harris, Jeremy Shockey (may have been a weirdly distributed redemption), Kenny Stabler, etc.  Sometimes you get lucky and pick up these rare cards cheaply.  For example, I found that Jim Thome 2007 Masterpieces auto hidden in a lot.....paid a few bucks for it but haven't seen one since.

Well the other day a gentlemen posted a particularly rare auto.  I contacted him immediately, though he assured me the card would go cheaply, I offered him $40 for which he couldn't accept fast enough.  Yesterday, that card arrived:

This is the second 2008 Tony Romo Masterpiecs I have ever seen...that's 7 years of watching...and I don't miss much.  In fact, I have seen more of the Red /10 than I have the black unnumbered. The other thing about this card is how complete the auto is in comparison to his other autos.

You may also recall a brief mention of a large collection of Masterpieces I bought last summer.  The guy has opened 7 or so cases, maybe more of the football.  he was attempting to put together the parallel sets just like me.  he had first contacted me a number of years ago, maybe 5 or 6.  He refused to sell the parallels at that point but did sell me his patches.  Well he finally approached me to sell his collection of around 1000 cards including autos.

2008 Masterpieces Joe Namath...again very rare:
2008 Masterpieces Dick Butkus
2008 Masterpieces Jack Ham

He had some others that I bought as well:
 These are all sps of various levels. The Mcfadden is interesting because its the only auto signed in red.  It was a redemption and I am not aware of any Red border /10.
 Some Forte for the fun of it. Below, you'll see the Rathman, Craig, Manning and Hornung.  The Hornung is pretty hard to find as well, though there is one available on ebay pretty regularly
 For some reason the Hayes. Tittle  and Johnston don't come up for sale very often.

Monday, August 31, 2015

An auto, a parallel, a patch, and a mystery box

Oh my....or something.  This damn John Kruk auto is a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons....it's John Kruk and I had purchased one of these from DA Cardworld and when they went to ship my order it was missing.  Finally tracked it down and it is one of those retired SP's, perhaps ssp's from Masterpieces.

It was $15, basically the price of a couple of packs...ma'am I'm not an athlete, I'm an autograph

Next up is a Bradshaw, not Carrie.  These Silver Masterpieces are numbered to the Jersey number of the player with the exception of people that wore #1.  These low number cards are very hard to come by.  Also, there is a collector out there that bought up a lot of these.
Next up is a Devin Hester Patch /50.  These are very difficult to come by as I think I have 7 of  them.  There are a few players that are tough as heck to find.  Greg Olson stands between me and 7 sets...I currently have 5.
The Hester was part of a decent sized lot of jerseys, patches, and autos that was listed.....poorly.  I've saved you the trouble and linked it here.  I paid $79 shipped for the lot of 68 cards.  I can get that back on them selling to Blowout for pete's sake.  I didn't actually look at the list and decided to have a bit of a surprise.  In the lot were some gems, or some cool cards in my opinion.  Here are some highlights.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A quick patch

$5 shipped for a lowly Jamarcus Russell.  I think I own about 15 of these now.  Amazes me how many of these are single color.