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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football Group Case Break Results


The SP's are SP's for sure. The card stock is typical Heritage type and thus are pretty nice. Funny thing, I pulled three damaged Adrian Petersons, all were damaged differently.

The Box Toppers are really nice.  You get 1 auto per case.

Chicle Minis: These are 4 per box or so and are so nice its ridiculous. The colors are bright, vibrant and just look fantastic.

Buybacks: I don't know what the odds are on these, but we pulled 3. These are in decent shape, much better than the Topps buybacks and sans the annoying stamp.

Jerseys: The jerseys are 2 per box and are decent. Nice looking cards.

Autos: One per box. I would like these better if there was a signing area. I have no idea why joey porter is a redemption.

Thanks for stopping by, drive home safe.

What? There are 4 autos missing? That's a damnedable lie:
Holy Crap Batman! Harvin and Sanchez chicle /100. These are just jaw-dropping cards.


Jay said...


Im going to buy a case.. Atlanta offered me one at 460.. you cant beat that..

Gellman said...

Surrrriously dude, that case was unreal. Im interested in the Harvin Chicle auto if you are selling. I have the Peterson and it is one of my favorite cards.

darkship said...

So... did I get lucky and get the Allen and the Harvin autos?? What a case! Thanks for busting and sorting for us!

stusigpi said...


You got the Pettigrew 5x7 auto, the Forte auto and the Porter auto.

darkship said...

Red Bird, HEB, Rich R or IAJC whoever got the Harvin autograph I'll buy or trade for it. All my Philly autos are up for grabs or let me know how much you would like for it and we'll work something out!