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Thursday, May 26, 2011

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Case Break

I paid about 440 for this case and I'm not quite sure if the case is quite worth it...but I think it is.  Reasons: 1. I got a bunch of chicles for my set.  These cost $2-$3 each sometimes 2.  I got a bunch of rookies and legends for my set.  These are numbered 201-300.  These are tough, very tough to complete.  3.  I got 3 pretty good autos although I didn't get the two that I needed, nor did I expect to.  Anyway, here are the highliglights:

I got 8 free packs of 08-09 ITG Heroes and Prospects

Here is the auto Topper:
These toppers need to be thicker stock, the corners were a little soft on these throughout the case.

The Buybacks: Some decent cards here
These are in pretty good condition for buybacks especially compared to Topps.

The Autos:

The Chicle Mini Autos:

Easy to see why this product failed and yes it did fail. For $70+ a box, pulling Quinten Jammer et al is a tough pull to swallow. Sure there is 1 decent auto per case, Manning was fine and 2 chicles are good but it just doesn't hold up to pulling a crap auto in 11 of 14 boxes. Sorry Rich Camarillo. Anyway, that is why panini shakes things up with a mix of multiple autos, jerseys and combinations thereof. When you are relegated to 1 auto and you know that is all you are going to ger, the thrill of the gamble is gone.

Here is what this product needed to do well...More star/legend/Hof autos. I'd rather pull a retired or HOF than a 4th tier veteran anyday and I can't imagine that some of those old timers are all that expensive to sign. Many of those guys need money bad. I don't say that Upper Deck should exploit them, but it becomes a win win. If some of those guys can sign 1000 autos at $15 an auto, that is a good income for some of them. Plus many of those guys are more than happy to sign.

This product needed patches, patch autos and jersey autos. This is a very plain Jane product and patches and autos could spice it up.

Serial numbered cards...There are none in this product. Cheap to produce, adds to the set building chase...just some thoughts.

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Fuji said...

I've considered busting a case of this stuff myself... because I love the Philadelphia Signatures set. If DA gets more at that price... I'll probably pull the trigger.